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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Cuomo's contempt for Catholicism

For a while I felt like a voice crying in the wilderness when it came to Andrew Cuomo's disregard for Catholic teachings.

During the campaign for governor I pointed out the issues with which he went against the Church - particularly when it came to abortion, gay marriage, and his living arrangement with his girlfriend.

I got booted from his Facebook site. And I got chastised by others for things I wrote here or on Facebook.

His rejection of Church teachings was bad enough, but this Christmas season, things took a nastier turn. He showed up for Christmas Midnight Mass, sitting right up front as if he was a Catholic in good standing. Then after he was inaugurated - and after spending the night at the governor's mansion with his girlfriend - he showed up (with her) for Mass at the Albany Cathedral, and went to Communion.

Such total lack of respect for the Church.

I posted about that, got poo-pooed for doing so.

But now others are paying attention.

Catholic World News picked up on the story. Father Z took note. Canon Lawyer Edward Peters wrote a particularly sharp piece about the situation from a canon law point of view.

And a local television station - Channel 13 - got booted from a fluff event involving the girlfriend for daring to ask about the Governor and not sticking to the happy-happy storyline they were supposed to be covering.

Whether Bishop Hubbard of Albany - who preached at the Albany Mass and has publicly said nothing about the sacrilege involved so far - will ultimately say something, I don't know. Will Archbishop Dolan say anything? I don't know.

Perhaps this story will continue to ripple. Or maybe it will sink.

But I think it's a disgrace to have a Catholic governor show such contempt for the Church.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think that's bad? An excommunicated married priest received Communion at a mass presided over by our bishop.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Lee Strong said...

An excommunicated priest as well known as is Cuomo? Or did the fellow quietly approach? I don't know the circumstances with the priest. But Cuomo's actions were blatant and public.

9:58 PM  

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