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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Forced to Assist in Abortion - Health Care's Future?

A Catholic nurse in New York who had made her objections to abortion known when she was hired was told to assist in an abortion or face charges of “insubordination and patient abandonment,” which could result in disciplinary action and the possible loss of her job and nursing license.

Catholic News Agency has the story.

She could have just refused, but it's tough to make such a difficult decision so suddenly and under such pressure. I pray that I would have had the strength to refuse, but I am not her shoes.

The hospital is being sued.

If health care reform gets through without exemptions for abortion, will there be more medical personnel forced to face such choices?


Anonymous Mary Kay said...

Thanks for this story. Funny that news of this is relatively soon after the HHS regulation tying compliance with the conscience clause to federal funding was rescinded.....

(As you can tell, this whole thing of intimidating people to go against their conscience really irks me.)

9:00 PM  

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