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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted in fear

I have been involved in electoral politics in various ways since I was a high school junior in 1972 (yes, I am that old). I have voted now in 9 presidential elections. I have worked for local and national campaigns. I have covered elections as a print and radio reporter, and as a blogger.

In all that time, I have favored certain candidates - some Democratic, some Republican, even some third party. There have been some candidates I liked better than others. There were some that I thought would do better jobs. But in most cases, I have not been dismayed if the candidate I favored lost: I could see some good in the winner.

One exception was 1972. I reacted to Richard Nixon with a mixture of disgust and dread. I simply did not trust him. I feared for the nation. Those feeling proved prophetic.

This year is as close as I have come since to experiencing those feelings again.

I fear for what will happen to our nation if Obama wins.

I voted this afternoon. For the third time in nine Presidential elections, I voted for a Republican.

Not because I believe that John McCain has all the answers. I just fear the answers we will get from an Obama administration.

I don't know yet today's results. It could go either way.
I have been praying all day. For today - and the days ahead.


Anonymous Clare said...

I hope for all our sakes that your fear is unfounded. I voted for hope today. I don't count on anything, but I chose optimism. I'm sorry you feel that way though. *hug*


PS, McCain, Dole and...? (If you dont' mind my asking.)

4:15 PM  
Blogger Lee Strong said...

Ford. I thought Carter would be a disaster. I also admired the courage Ford showed in the wake of Watergate, a crisis he did not create.

Notice: No Bush or Reagan in there!

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Richard Grabman said...

Oh dear. I thought I was the only one eccentric enough to have voted for Ford :-) I didn't trust a guy who said "trust me."

Having spent the last several years immersed in Latin American history, my concerns about our next President are similarly eccentric... when U.S. presidents talk about "helping" Latin America, it usually ends up as intervention, and the U.S. depends economically on exploiting Latin America, which made McCain's economic policies (such as they were) even more unpalatable. And, McCain -- and Republicans in general -- are much, much more likely to turn to militaristic solutions to their Latin American "problem"... especially when it comes to defending what is seen as a "right" to our resources.

All that aside, to quote another skinny Illinois politician of limited national experience said, "the better angels of our nature" may prevail.

I know you take an absolutist position on abortion, and I don't think we're going to see a rebirth of either the New Deal nor the Great Society, but a better economic situation and better access to health care means at least a reduction in abortions, and the unfortunate necessity for them.

4:43 AM  

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