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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Archbishop Curtiss: Catholics should vote pro-life

One more Bishop has suggested that Catholics have no reason to support such a blatantly pro-choice candidate as Senator Obama.

Archbishop Elden Curtiss of Obama, Nebraska, issued a statement today in which he said Catholics should vote pro-life - and that abortion is the top issue voters should consider this election.

"At the core of Catholic moral and social teaching is respect for the sacred dignity of every human life. In this election, like many before it, we are faced with a conflict of values in candidates. There are many serious issues at stake in this election, but none is more important than abortion."

Archbishop Curtiss also took on the argument that some Catholics have used to try to justify voting for Obama -

"It is also true that if a Catholic does not share a candidate's stand in favor of abortion and/or euthanasia, a vote for that candidate could be permitted 'in the presence of proportionate reasons.' ... However, I cannot conceive of a proportionate reason that could outweigh the deaths of nearly 50 million children killed by abortion."

He also counters the "single-issue" charge leveled against pro-life Catholics who oppose Obama.

"We are surely not one-issue people because we have to be concerned about the well-being of everyone in our society, and especially those who are hurting and in need. We have to be concerned about women with unplanned pregnancies who are without the resources to give birth or to care for their babies. We are rightfully concerned about candidates for public office who do not seem to care about babies after they are born. But the very first right we must protect, if all human rights are to be protected, is the right to life for the unborn. Those who do not understand or accept this basic human right are unworthy of our trust."

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