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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flawed Presidential Polls - a possible surprise?

I went to a Huckabee site (the guy I was supporting way back when) ( and came across this from Hillbuzz --

I was having dinner a night ago with a friend of mine who is a statistician for a well-regarded private polling company. They do some work for Republicans in California, but most of the work they do is for Democrats or Democrat-leaning operations (Unions, etc.). Anyway, her shop was retained to do a few Presidential polls for targetted states on behalf of a union so the union could decide where to spend their ad dollars for the last week. They did Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Missouri. After mocking the hell out of the voter id spreads used by Rassmussen, Zogby, etc. (and this is coming from a committed Dem who will be voting for Barry O) she said the results of their polling lead her to believe that McCain will definitely win FL, OH, NC, MO and NV. She says Obama definitely wins New Mexico. She said that Colorado and New Hampshire were absolute dead heats. She said she thinks there is a 55% chance Obama holds on in Pennsylvania and a 75% chance McCain wins Virginia. She absolutely laughed at the public polls showing Obama leading Virginia–and pointed out that all of those polls rely on Dem turnout being +4 and as much as +7, when in 2006, Republicans actually had the advantage by +3. She also pointed out that the numbers for Obama in SWVA look absolutely awful and that McCain is running 10 points better then Allen did in NoVa.

Anyway, her companies conclusion is that the election will come down to Colorado, New Hampshire and the Republican leaning district in Maine, which in her opinion might very well decide the Presidency (apparently the district in Nebraska that Obama thought he might be able to get is now off the table). She said she has very little doubt that the public polling is part of a “concerted voter suppression effort” by the MSM. She said IBD/TIPP was the only outfit doing public polling that was “worth a bucket of warm piss”.


Hmm. A surprise? Or just wishful thinking?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very wishful.

Senator McCain is fighting for his political life in Bush states. The best the R's can hope for is not conceding a filibuster minority in the Senate.

The economy finished him.


5:34 PM  
Anonymous Me, I'm voting Lopez Obrador in 2012 said...

There are those who would say IBD polling is as partisan as its reportage, but giving them the benefit of the doubt, and even throwing in the states where Obama is only leading by five percent or less, McCain still would lose the electoral vote.

If you want to go behind lines into enemy territory, DailyKos has an interactive map where you can change the outcome to fit your own poll projections and run different scenarios:

7:52 PM  

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