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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gates (some information)

As I noted in a previous post, our local daily (Democrat and Chronicle) said it was looking for a community blogger for my suburb, Gates.

I applied immediately. Then when I didn't hear anything for a few days, I wrote to them again.

Still no word.

Maybe someone is on vacation?

Or perhaps there's been some breaking news taking up time (we have had a few interesting things happening in the last week - cars crashing into houses, shootings, an autistic lad getting national attention for scoring 20 points in the final few minutes of a basketball game, etc.).

Whatever the reason, I still wait to hear.

But that hasn't stopped me from starting to do some research.

Gates is a western suburb of Rochester. It has a population of just over 29,000.

The town is named after Revolutionalry War hero General Horatio Gates (Battle of Saratoga).

Here's a tidbit: Although Gates is a suburb of Rochester, it actually predates Rochester, and what is now the western half of Rochester used to be part of Gates.

Gates officially came into being April 1, 1813. A section split off in 1817 to become Rochesterville (and later Rochester).

In an ironic twist, Nathaniel Rochester - after whom Rochester was named - later served as Gates' town supervisor from 1830-32. (One oddity though: Two different sources say he died in 1831. Did we have a dead supervisor for one year? If so, when did they notice?)

Greece, our current suburban neighbor to the north, was also part of Gates originally. It separated from Gates in 1822.

Meanwhile, Monroe County - of which we are part - was not created until February 23, 1821.

Go Gates!

Gates is home to T.M Wright, a writer of dark fantasy (horror) who is well-known in those circles.

A more famous Gates lad: Lou Gramm, the lead singer for the once-popular rock band Foreigner - "Feels Like The First Time", "Cold As Ice", "Hot Blooded", "Urgent", "Double Vision", "Juke Box Hero" - grew up in Gates (where he was known as Lou Grammatico).

In fact, he was a friend of my wife's cousins, and when one of the cousins got married, Gramm and my wife were part of the wedding party. He even asked her out.

She turned him down.


I'll bore you with more later - especially if I get the job.


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