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Friday, April 07, 2006

Abortionist botches something else

Dr. George “The Killer” Tiller

by Steven Ertelt Editor
April 6, 2006

Wichita, KS ( -- A Kansas late-term abortion practitioner who killed a 19 year-old girl in a botched abortion last year has allegedly run over a pro-life person with his car who was praying outside his abortion business.

George Tiller, who may soon find himself subject to a grand jury investigation, apparently struck the protester with his vehicle yesterday.

According to eyewitnesses, Tiller was leaving his Women’s Health Care Services (WHCS) abortion facility Wednesday afternoon, when he sped out of the parking lot and struck pro-life advocate Mark Geitzen in the leg.

In a statement provided to, Geitzen said he was hit in the leg by Tiller's speeding Jeep Grand Cherokee and placed his hands on Tiller's vehicle to push himself further away to avoid being run over.

“I was measuring the driveway to insure that pro-lifers were complying with the law during their prayer times when I heard an engine rev," Geitzen explained.

"I turned to see Tiller coming right at me,” Geitzen said. “In that moment I couldn't decide to jump to the right or to the left. I was kind of like a deer caught in the headlights.”

Eyewitnesses said Tiller immediately fled the scene. Geitzen has filed a complaint with the Wichita Police Department.

Geitzen said he was not injured in the incident but feels some pain in his right leg.

Another man who was with Geitzen at the time was not involved in the hit and run.

Geitzen indicated he was not blocking the exit and that Tiller had plenty of room to drive around him, as there is room for two vehicles to enter and leave the abortion facility parking lot exit at any time.

“There is no doubt that he intentionally hit me,” he said. “He drove right down the center of the driveway.”

Geitzen is the president of the Kansas Coalition for Life, a group that is part of a coalition of pro-life organizations working with the family of mentally disabled teenager Christin Gilbert to have a grand jury look into her abortion death.

Gilbert died after a third-trimester abortion in January 2005, done by Tiller at is abortion business. She was 28 weeks pregnant at the time.

Gilbert was rushed into the Wesley Medical Center ER, followed by Tiller moments later. In November, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts claimed neither he nor his staff were responsible for the botched abortion death and refused to press charges.

Gilbert's family, with the help of pro-life groups, are planning to file thousands of petitions on Friday asking the county court to call for a grand jury investigation into the abortion death.

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Blogger Catholic Fire said...

Mark's leg was bruised by the incident and being the good Catholic man that he is, he forgave Tiller immediately after it happenned although he was in pain. He was encouraged by a priest to report the hit and run incident to the police, which he did. Tiller swerved the car and aimed it directly at him. He has an eye witness to the incident. Tiller seems to think he is above the law and can do anything he pleases and get it away with it. He kills babies and women, so what's a little hit and run to him?

See my post on The Tiller Report II: Information the Abortion Industry Does Not Want the Public to Know.
You can find it here

God bless you,

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