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I am a Catholic layperson and Secular Franciscan with a sense of humor. After years in the back pew watching, I have moved into the choir. It's nice to see faces instead of the backs of heads. But I still maintain God has a sense of humor - and that we are created in God's image.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Palin in Auburn Details

The itinerary is out for Governor Sarah Palin's visit to Auburn Saturday.

At 11 a.m there will be a parade, with her waving that little campaign wave. From noon to 1 there will be speeches, including one by Palin. Then from 1-3 there will be a garden party with Palin at the Seward House Museum.

I still plan to go. I'll give her my campaign wave. I'll be good and not wear one of my Huckabee buttons.

Don't know if I'll hang out for the garden party. I'm not much for small talk.

Besides, there's mead for sale over at the Montezuma Winery!

I voted for McCain/Palin - in part because she was on the ticket, and in part because I feared what Obama was going to do (he hasn't proven me wrong yet!).

I will consider her in 2012, especially if Huckabee does not run. I think she needs more seasoning, but given the likely alternative on the Democratic ticket, I'd willingly vote for her again. I'd even consider registering as a Republican to vote for her in a GOP primary as I did to vote for Huckabee in 2008. (Independent now as the Right to Life Party is no longer an official party in New York.)

Maybe I'll get a "Nobama" sign and ask her to sign it. It's my wife's birthday on Monday and ...



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