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Monday, June 01, 2009

Pro-choicers exploit the murder of Dr. Tiller

Preliminary reports are that the man accused of killing Dr. George Tiller had no ties to the pro-life movement.

Let me repeat that: He was not part of the pro-life movement.

But that's not preventing pro-choice groups from exploiting this crime.

Scott Roeder reportedly had ties to a militia group, and was described by his ex-wife as suffering from mental illness. He also spent time in jail.

His only contact with the pro-life movement apparently was that he posted comments on an Operation Rescue site - but was never a member of that or any other pro-life group.

Even though there are no indications that he was a pro-lifer, that hasn't stopped the propaganda arms of pro-choice groups from using this crime to attack pro-life groups.

They are trying to use this tragedy to make the pro-life movement looking bad, and to build up fear and further limits on pro-life activities.

I haven't seen reports of any yet, but I would not be surprised if we soon see fund-raising letters and appeals from them as well.

Give them time. They always seem to act when there's money to be made.

But you can bet they will not acknowledge statistics that show pro-choicers and the abortion industry actually have committed more acts of violence against people than pro-lifers - and that's not including the abortions themselves.

Such honesty could hurt their bottom line.


Blogger GrannyGrump said...

Whenever an abortionist kills a patient, the response of the abortion lobby is to dismiss the death as an aberration. These deaths happen about ten times a year. (That the CDC admits to.)

No matter how heinous the malpractice -- having a "hand holder" assist with general anesthesia, shoving a hemorrhaging patient out the door in a wheelchair to bleed to death, massively overdosing a patient then leaving her unattended to lapse into a coma -- we're told that we're not to let these "few bad apples" color our opinion of abortion practitioners in general. Think of the hundreds of abortionists who didn't kill patients this year!

But when an abortionist gets shot, the perspective changes. Suddenly the act of JUST ONE PERSON is a reflection of the roughly 160 million other people who object to abortion. His actions are representative. All those antichoicers are JUST LIKE HIM. We're not to look at the actions of the 160 million prolifers who have done nothing violent. We're only to look at this one guy. He's representative.

Ten dead patients a year aren't a sign that abortionists are sloppy.

One dead abortionist every ten years, however, is a sign that prolifers are violent.

Which is just the sort of logic I'd expect from the movement that asserts that you honor motherhood by killing babies.

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"By ROXANA HEGEMAN and MARIA SUDEKUM FISHER, Associated Press Writers Roxana Hegeman And Maria Sudekum Fisher, Associated Press Writers

WICHITA, Kan. – Scott Roeder's family life began unraveling more than a decade ago when he got involved with anti-government groups, and then became "very religious in an Old Testament, eye-for-an-eye way," his former wife said.

"The anti-tax stuff came first, and then it grew and grew. He became very anti-abortion," said Lindsey Roeder, who was married to Scott Roeder for 10 years but "strongly disagrees with his beliefs." He moved out in 1994, and the couple divorced in 1996. They have one son, now 22..........

Police said it appears the gunman acted alone, and some anti-abortion groups quickly distanced themselves from the killing. Outside Tiller's clinic, the Kansas Coalition for Life placed signs saying members had prayed for Tiller's change of heart, "not his murder." "

Who really knows what he thought he was involved in - he probably thought of himself as very much part of the movement. Either way, this was one messed-up dude.

12:46 PM  

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