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Monday, December 22, 2008

A Pro-Life New York Senator?

While the media and the pundits trip over themselves discussing whether the US Senate replacement for Hillary Clinton will be Andrew Cuomo or Caroline Kennedy (the former so pro-abortion even NARAL likes him, the latter flirting with pro-abortion groups while being coy about her stand on the issue), there's an openly pro-life dark horse: Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi.

Suozzi, a Catholic, is in his second term as Nassau County Executive (population 1.3 million), and is credited with helping turn around that county's finances. At the same time, he has drawn praise for his management skills, and for his concern for the less fortunate.

Something in his favor is that he has some ties to Governor Paterson. The Governor asked Suozzi to run a commission to overhaul the state's taxes, Paterson picked as his top aide Suozzi's former deputy, and is rumored to be a possible lieutenant governor candidate with Paterson in 2010.

One thing to like about Suozzi is that he's the only Democrat with enough gumption to have taken on Eliot (The John) Spitzer when that disgraced bad boy ran for Governor.

Would Suozzi continue to be pro-life in the Senate, or would he get wishy washy like Senator Casey? Worse, if he decided to seek higher office, would he suddenly discover he's pro-abortion, as that former pro-lifer Presidential wannabee turncoat Al Gore did?

I don't know, but given the other two main choices - the pro-abortion Cuomo, and questionable Kennedy, who hasn't even bothered to vote half the time in elections, I'd be willing to take a chance.


Blogger Interstate Catholic said...

Maybe one of these days, Caroline Kennedy will actually speak on an issue important to upstate NY or even the nation for that matter. This so called tour she gave the other day around upstate NY was a big waste of time. A drive-by I believe the D&C called it.
If Cuomo isn't appointed senator, look for him to run for governor in 2010.
I like Suozzi for a lot of reasons and wish he would run for the national senate seat in 2010. I don't think Gov. Patterson will appoint him.

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