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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

We're winning (but not yet)

Polling Data: Young Women Becoming More Pro-Life on Abortion

Washington, DC -- New polling data shows that young women between the ages of 18-29 are becoming more pro-life on the issue of abortion.

According to a CBS/New York Times poll, 49% of 18-29 year old women believed that abortion should be "available to anyone who wants it" in 1993.

In 2003 among the same age group, only 35% of respondents agreed.

In 2005, only 28% of young women favored making abortion "available to anyone who wants it."

Meanwhile, in 1993, 30% of female respondents in the 18-29 year old age group believed that abortion should be "available, but with stricter limits."

By 2005, the number had risen to 40%.

Some 19% of respondents in 1993 believed that abortion should be "not permitted."

By 2005, the number had risen to 30%.


Blogger Steve Bogner said...

A few weeks ago, at the pregnancy center I'm affiliated with, a young woman came in for a pregnancy test. The staff tried to convince her not to have an abortion, and she was leaning that way, but her mom took her to an abortion doctor, and paid for it.

In the past few years, we had two 12 year old girls come see us. I don't know what their decisions were; but the thought of 12 year old girls being pregnant has a hard time registering in my mind.

We had one woman come in, pregnant with three small children; she was obviously a victim of domestic abuse, and was looking for help. She wanted to rejoin her parents on the other side of the country - but with no money and three small kids, she didn't really have an option to do that. So, we flew her and her kids back there.

If society, people, you and I and our family & friends, can treat women with the respect and dignity they inherently deserve then I believe we'd see far fewer abortions. Many of the women we see are not looking for abortions - they are looking for help.

A lot of times pro-lifers like to rail about the rights of the unborn baby, and they are correct; but if we really respected women then I think the supply of abortion-minded & abortion-seeking women would shrink considerably.

Pro-life and anti-abortion have to also mean pro-woman, pro-justice, and pro-love. I hope our society learns this sooner vs later.

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