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Friday, February 26, 2010

Planned Parenthood ... lied?

It's bad enough that Planned Parenthood is in profitable business of killing babies and has had a number of staff people caught violating the law and covering up rape and sexual abuse.

But now, lying. Gee.

The latest Lila Rose Live Action Films sting caught yet another Planned Parenthood employee apparently not following the law about reporting an alleged incident of statutory rape (this latest incident was in Wisconsin).

The initial defense was that the tape was edited, so we can't really know was said. But Lila Rose always provides unedited tapes to state legal authorities - as has now happened in this case. In the past, the full tapes have shown that the Planned Parenthood employees did violate laws - leading to some being fired, and to criminal investigations.

But then this past week, the head of Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin tried a different tack.

On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin CEO Teri Huyck said in response to charges that the organization had failed to report the incident, "In this particular circumstance, we did not have the name of the young woman. She did not give it to us. She did not provide any ID. So we were unable to make any report."

On Wednesday she added that the patient would be reported if she gave her name.

"The so-called patient in this case did not provide identifying information. In fact, she refused." she said. "It would've been difficult if not impossible to make any kind of report."

So the young lady in the video "refused" to give her name?

The only problem is that Live Action Films then released more of the film, clearly showing that the young lady (Rose herself posing as a 14-year old impregnated by her 31-year-old boyfriend) DID give her name, and her birthday.

The Planned Parenthood counselor featured in the video - named as Sonia - is shown coaching Rose how to obtain a judicial bypass waiver for an abortion so that her parents would not find out about her supposed relationship with an older man.

"What is your name? So I can call them and tell them you're coming,” the video shows Sonia saying.

Rose gives her name as “Janelle Marion” and reports a birthday of July 27.

Could Huyck be lying? Wow, who would expect that of a Planned Parenthood employee?


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