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I am a Catholic layperson and Secular Franciscan with a sense of humor. After years in the back pew watching, I have moved into the choir. It's nice to see faces instead of the backs of heads. But I still maintain God has a sense of humor - and that we are created in God's image.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A loss for a friend

Rita Manners, our wonderful choir director, lost her husband to cancer yesterday.

I did not know him, but I know her well and have a lot of respect for her as a fellow Catholic, as a friend, as a musician. I can't begin to imagine the pain she is going through.

God be with her.

I can't make the funeral due to work, but a number of the other choir members will be able to make it. I'm glad for that.

This Saturday, Rock of Faith was scheduled to play for a special youth Mass. We're now being asked to play for all the Masses. It's a way to make things easier for Rita and the parish, and, in a sense, a musical tribute to her.

I'll find out later if we will indeed play for all three Masses. I'm going to go practice now. She deserves my best (as does God!).


Blogger Lee Strong said...

She want to play the Sunday Masses to get back in action. Good for her.

So Rock of Faith is only playing Saturday.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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