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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Subscriptions - Hmmm, what now?

I just got a renewal notice from Dirty Linen. It's a good magazine devoted to "folk & world music." As good as it is, and as much as I enjoy skimming through it, I keep finding less and less to read in it.

And it's not cheap.

So I was thinking that maybe it's time to find a new periodical to add to my subscriptions.

I already receive two haiku-related periodicals - Frogpond and bottle rockets. Those are givens.

I also subscribe to Gilbert! (the magazine of the Chesterton Society), the St. Anthony Messenger (Franciscans), the Catholic Worker (I was briefly on the staff of one House of Hospitality and continue to support the local women's Catholic Worker House) and Catholic Digest. Those won't run out for a while, and I'm not about to drop any of them.

What else is out there? I'm looking for suggestions.

I used to subscribe to Commonweal, but got fed up with them. National Catholic Reporter (yeah, I know, it's a newspaper), and America long ago dropped off my subscription radar screen. So did Weird Tales (don't ask).

So, which way do I go?

Another haiku-related periodical? There are some great ones out there. Realms of Fantasy, which I used to get and still like?

How about another Catholic periodical? I'm a raging moderate, so I don't like the flamers on the far left or far right (i.e. National Catholic Reporter vs. The Wanderer), but is there something out there somewhat closer to the middle? Our Sunday Visitor? The National Catholic Register? U.S. Catholic? Nothing pedantic and too scholarly, though. Maybe a periodical devoted to Catholic arts and literature?


My checkbook awaits!


Blogger Rich Leonardi said...

The Catholic Answer is a solid bi-monthly magazine from Our Sunday Visitor devoted to apologetics. Paul Thigpen is the editor, and you can get a subscription for about $20 per year. I used to subscribe to the National Catholic Register, but found much of the content to be "old news" by the time an issue arrived. The wonderful Columbia magazine is published monthly by the Knights of Columbus; I believe it is restricted to members.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Lee Strong said...

The Catholic Answer, eh? I wonder if you can get a sample issue to see what it's like. I'll check that out. Thanks.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous S.H. Segal said...

Hi Lee --

If it means anything: In the past couple years, Weird Tales has been taken over by a new publisher, vastly improved the customer service, hired an all-new editorial and creative team, revamped the magazine top to bottom, and been nominated for a Hugo Award for the first time ever. Consider giving us another shot?

11:35 AM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

How about Homiletic and Pastoral Review??

............or, you could just send me $29.95 and I'll give you a special password to my blog. Now understand - everyone else will read it for free but you, and you alone, will place more value on what I write because you shelled out some money. That's what friends are for!!

P.S. $29.95 is a six month subscription. heh!

9:24 PM  
Blogger Lee Strong said...

Adrienne - You've given me an idea.

Given that the folks at Weird Tales are trying to get me back, maybe other pubilshers might want to recruit me as well. Maybe I should ask them to pay me to subscribe!

5:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

St. Austin Review

11:31 PM  

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