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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cable is indispensable?

The local cable company announced that it was raising rates yet again.

Then the local newspaper wrote an editorial: "Keep TV affordable."

In the editorial, the editors commented, "More and more, Time Warner's cable/phone/Internet deal is becoming indispensable for families."


Food, water, shelter, clothing - those are indispensable.

I'd also list a good job, quality health care, a spiritual life, and decent schools among things that are important.

But cable?

Cable is a luxury. It's an extra. In fact, it's an extra for an extra (television).
It's an extra we gave up several years ago.

What can people do without cable? Watch regular television. Talk. Play games. Listen to the radio. Play an instrument. Read a newspaper.

Read, period.

Developing our minds instead of passively absorbing.

As for the headline, "Keep TV affordable," my TV is affordable: FREE.

When we come to regard cable as "indispensable," then we are in trouble as a culture and a nation.


Blogger John B. said...

I wouldn't call Tv or cable 'indispensible' in that yes, we can all live without them, but in today's day and age, in good measure and temperance, they are both important and valuable tools of information and entertainment.

It used to be that people went weekly to the movies or plays or whatever for their entertainment, but both have gotten so prohibitively expensive for weekly trips that cable TV has become comparatively affordable.

Like any media medium, you need to be careful how much or what you watch, but the right shows can be educational, entertaining and informative.

For my $45 a month with Dish Network, I couldn't take my family of five out to a movie even once a month...

8:11 AM  

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