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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Forced abortions proposed

Pro-lifers – myself included – have been warning for years that this would happen.

Dutch Lawmaker Proposes Forced Abortions to Stop "Unwanted Children"

by Steven Ertelt Editor
February 21, 2006

Rotterdam, Netherlands ( -- A pro-abortion city councilwoman in Rotterdam says that forced abortions should be used to curb the "problem" of unwanted children in Holland and its territories.

Alderman Marianne van den Anker of the Leefbaar Rotterdam (LR) party says the forced abortion and contraception would reduce the incidence of child abuse.

Van den Anker has two children and is the official in charge of the city's health issues.

In an interview in newspaper 'NRC Handelsblad' Van den Anker said she had tried to lower the rates of child abuse, without success. "I fail, I fail," she told the interviewer as she discussed her proposal to force women to have abortions.

Van den Anker said Antillean teenage mothers, drug addicts and those who are mentally disabled should be forced to have abortions and use contraception if they are having sex.

Otherwise, an "unacceptable risk" of some children exposed to "violence, neglect, mistreatment and sexual abuse."

She indicated courts would determine when women should be forced to have abortions and that social workers "can see in 95 percent or even 100 percent of cases whether the child has a chance of growing up with love."

SWA, a foundation promoting health among Antilleans and Arubans in Rotterdam, condemned the comments, according to an Expatica article.

It called on Mayor Ivo Opstelten and the LR party's coalition partners, the Christian Democrat (CDA) and Liberal (VVD) parties, to reject Van den Anker's proposal.

A CDA spokesman told Expatica that if Van den Anker tried to turn her ideas into policy that it would strongly oppose such a measure. The pro-abortion VVD party also disagreed with the idea.

Abortion is legal in Holland and her European nation has come under fire for its pro-euthanasia policies.

Although her comments have been condemned at this point, they are now out there. There will be debate, and discussion, and gradually, the possibility that her idea will gain acceptance.

Paranoid? No. We and other nations already have a history of forced sterilizations for groups and individuals deemed “inferior” or “unfit.” One of the arguments already used to justify abortion is that it’s a way to eliminate defective children (such as those with Down Syndrome). In places like China, de facto “forced” abortion already exists because of the limits on family size.

Look back at the cultural debates of the last half century. Ideas get mentioned, condemned, but then discussed and debated, and gradually accepted.

So forced abortions may become a reality.

And people thought my “Catholic Crusade” piece was frightening.


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