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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Group demands death for Anti-Catholic artists

Catholic Crusade calls for violent responses to anti-Catholicism

Ron Legest
St. Vitus News Service

Rochester NY – A new Catholic organization is targeting anti-Catholicism with threats of retaliation – and even calling for the killing of offenders.

The Catholic Crusade has vowed to avenge any instances of anti-Catholic talk, art, cartoons, television shows, movies, and literature.

“Anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable bigotry,” said the group’s founder and president, who would identify himself only as “Ignatius,” in a telephone interview. “We’re not going to take it.”

Ignatius said his organization will respond immediately to any new instances of anti-Catholicsm. It is also compiling a hit list of past offenders.

Ignatius claims his organization already has hundreds of member scattered across the country. They are recruiting and training new members to prepare them for action.

He claims he has a special forces background. He says a number of the other members also have military backgrounds.

“We also have some priests and nuns,” Ignatius said. “There are also two bishops.”

He acknowledged that the current furor over anti-Mohammad cartoons helped to inspire his organization.

“You got to hand it to them,” he said. “Those heathens know how to get their message across. Governments and media around the world are backing down and running scared.

“We want to have the same effect,” he said.

The Catholic Crusade hopes to appeal to what Ignatius described as “real red-meat Catholics.”

“We want the folks who watch EWTN, read good newspapers like The Wanderer, join organizations like Catholics United for the Faith and Opus Dei,” he said.

Among the current targets are Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, for a 2005 episode in which a statue of Mary sprays menstrual blood on a number of people, including Pope Benedict XVI; the creators and writers of Boston Legal for an recent episode in which they conveniently distort Catholic teaching about the treatment of rape victims; and Village Voice cartoonist Ward Sutton for a sacrilegious cartoon about the Eucharist during the 2004 Presidential campaign.

The Catholic Crusade has called for executing the offenders.

“Forget that boycott crap. We leave that to the bishops and the talkers at the Catholic League,” he said. “And the law won’t help us. `Free speech' means these anti-Catholic vermin can say what they want. The government is the dupe of the devil.”

The Catholic Crusade has also put out a bounty on Andres Serrano, the controversial photographer who created Piss Christ – in which a crucifix is submerged in urine – and Madonna and Child II – in which Mary and the infant Jesus are submerged in urine.

“That pissed me off,” Ignatius said.

He added that at one time he was protesting outside and exhibition of Serrano works, when the photographer arrived with guards. After Serrano and his guards went into the exhibit site, Ignatius said, “I pissed on his car. Served him right.”

Ignatius said the organization is collecting funds to provide bounties, and to help any of its members who are caught.

In addition, one of the bishops is investigating a way to provide a plenary indulgence for any member who eliminates one of the targeted individuals.

He acknowledged that some of their actions will violate civil law.

“We are obeying a higher law,” he said.

He also said that some of their responses will not involve executing the offender. The punishment will depend on the severity of the offense.

“Protests in front of their homes or workplaces or places they are speaking, following them, destruction of the offending art or the vermin’s property, it could take all forms,” Ignatius said.

“I like those television commercials in which the protesters follow the person with a bullhorn," he added. "We could yell stuff like `This man hates Catholics!’ as they walk down the street or stand in line. Whatever it takes to scare them or get them to stop.”

As for maintaining secrecy, Ignatius noted, “We have former military and some Opus Dei members. It won’t be a problem.”

But now is the time to act, he said.

“We need a new crusade,” Ignatius said. “People need to know you can’t mess with God’s church.”

(Psst. It’s not true.)


Blogger tom said...

Lee..thanks for your understanding.As I read some of the "Catholic" blogs in the past month, I began to be struck by the unChristlike tone of many of them.
The old acronym WWJD came to mind last week, and I decided it was time to step back. So I plan to stay away from them. Thanks for your faithful site...Tom

8:47 PM  
Blogger Geo said...


Thanks for coming up with Serrano's name. I'd forgotten it, and here I am with the Internet to do the research, but I'm always too lazy to use it when I'm in a hurry. Nice touch, pissing on Serrano's car.

11:06 PM  
Blogger kabloona said...

Thank God it's not true!

10:26 PM  

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