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Friday, April 22, 2011

Pro-Choice Violence in Rochester

At the Stations of the Cross for Life this morning here in Rochester (at which some 200 people took part in a prayer service then prayed the Stations as the processed to a doctor's office where abortions are performed) I chanced to talk to some people who had been praying outside Planned Parenthood's local headquarters yesterday.

They told me that a woman in a car became enraged at them, yelling at them. Then she threw eggs at them - striking at least two people, including one woman in the face.

Planned Parenthood's security reportedly watched the incident, but did not intervene and then discretely drove away before police arrived (and they'd have to admit what they witnessed?).

One pro-lifer followed the alleged attacker and got her license number.

Apparently, the police were not going to do anything - until a lawyer for the pro-lifers made a call to police officials. Police then reportedly went to the alleged assailant's home, and she admitted everything.

The pro-lifers were debating whether to press charges. One factor they are considering in all this is that such incidents keep happening - pro-choice violence - but don't always get action taken or media coverage. Yet the media keeps fanning the flames with claims of pro-life violence (even though incidents of pro-life violence are far less frequent than those of pro-choice violence).

Further, the pro-lifers are justifiably concerned about whether the next incident would involve more than just eggs. There have been a number of physical attacks on pro-lifers across the country in recent months.

There's also concern about the woman. Was her action prompted by her own pain? Does she need support or healing? The pro-lifers hope they might get a chance to reach out to her to help her.

I'll monitor the newspaper to see if this violence gets any coverage.

I'll also monitor to see if our Stations today will get any coverage.



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