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Thursday, November 04, 2010

National Right To Life PAC - Thumbs down

Before the election, the National Right to Life PAC came out with some endorsements. One of them was for an area candidate.

I was puzzled. I had been in contact with the candidate, and learned that while he was generally pro-life, he did support abortion under some circumstances. He also openly supported embryonic stem cell research.

It troubled me that this candidate, who is listed as "Catholic," would support things that ran counter to Catholic teachings. It also bothered me that the NRTL PAC would endorse him and even send out a flier promoting him.

The local pro-lifers certainly hadn't endorsed him.

I e-mailed NRTL to find out why they had endorsed him given his positions. I thought perhaps they were not aware, had been deceived, or just had not asked the right questions.

No response.

I e-mailed again.

No response.

I called and left a message.

No response.

I mentioned my experience to a local pro-life leader, who said she had been warned away from them, so she had nothing to do with the NRTL PAC.

I e-mailed them again.

Still no response.


I guess I have to look elsewhere for guidance when it comes to voting pro-life.


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Alessi is not pro-life

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