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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pro-choice violence and threats

The violent pro-choicers are keeping up their actions.

Such pro-life leaders as Jill Stanek, Troy Newman, and Father Frank Pavone have been receiving death threats, according to a report at Lila Rose and Jenn Giroux have received violent and threatening e-mails.

"Pro-life leaders have uniformly been forced to increase security measures to address threats of violence. In recent days Stanek has been placed under continuous police and federal protection following email threats to kill her at church or as she left her home."

"When questioned about security, Fr. Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life, said that he needs armed escorts at speaking engagements to guard him against disruptive pro-abortion demonstrators. Individuals from groups such as NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and Catholics for Choice are often bussed in to derail these presentations. Even peaceful prayer vigils, so common to the pro-life movement, can be dangerous. Fr. Pavone was leading a prayer service in Bellingham, WA when someone confronted him and spit in his face. Prior to his appearances, local groups Fr. Pavone calls, "pro-abortion radicals and anarchists," often signal their intent to lead violent demonstrations; but in recent days he says he’s gotten more serious messages."

"Father Frank, It would make me very happy if someone were to respond to this by snuffing YOU. No fooling. Right-to-lifers, in my book, no longer have a right to life."

"At the Priests for Life blog, another anonymous writer said: "Killing Father Frank will not be murder. It will be justifiable homicide."

You can read more here.

I've also received a violent message back on May 31 ("Kill a right-to-lifer--any right-to-lifer--TODAY!")

I don't want to paint pro-choicers with a broad brush. The vast majority of them, while they are misguided, are non-violent people (even though they support killing babies).

But there is a lunatic fringe to that movement that has been guilty of far more person-on-person violence than that committed by abortion opponents (anyone who kills does not merit the title "pro-life").


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