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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Obama's Abortion Drumbeat

When he is inaugurated, Barack Obama will be the most pro-abortion President in the history of this nation.

He is currently assembling the most pro-abortion cabinet/administration ever – and one that may lead to conflicts with the Catholic Church.

His first action was to pick Senator Joe Biden, a pro-abortion Catholic who got in trouble for misstating Church teachings, and who drew flack from a number of bishops across the U.S. some of whom suggestion he should not receive Communion.

Post-election, Obama has begun to name individuals to key position in his administration who share his extreme pro-abortion views.

There’s pro-abortion Catholic Thomas Daschle, so extreme in his abortion views his bishop told him not to refer to himself as a Catholic, who has apparently been tapped to be the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Governor Bill Richardson, a pro-abortion Catholic who said he would use support for Roe as a litmus test for Supreme Court candidates, will apparently be named Secretary of Commerce.

Three pro-abortion Catholics in prominent positions – is Obama intentionally challenging the Church? Actually, I think it’s more likely he doesn’t even give it a second thought.

Meanwhile, the pro-abortion drumbeat goes on.

Governor Janet Napolitano, pro-abortion Methodist (phew), appears on track to be the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Then there’s Ellen Moran of the staunchly pro-abortion Emily’s List who it appears will be the White House Communications Director. She is as extreme in her views as is Obama.

If Hillary Clinton does indeed become Secretary of State, she will actually be a pro-choice “moderate” in the administration!

Obama has already indicated that he will overturn Bush administration policies concerning limits on embryonic stem cell research and funding for abortion, both domestic and foreign.

I suspect there will be further actions. I would not be surprised at new rules being put in place for receiving any federal funding for hospitals and health care organizations – forcing Catholic institutions to choose between funding or offering abortions. I would not be surprised to see an attempt to tell Catholic organizations their health insurance coverage has to include abortion and birth control. I would not be surprised to see pregnancy centers come under attack – there has already been a bill proposed in Congress that if brought back next year and passed Obama would likely sign.

I’m glad the Bishops have finally begun to speak up. I suspect they will need to be even louder once Obama takes the helm - and that he will fire back.


Blogger Joe said...

Biden, Daschle and Richardson are NOT Catholics. They are criminal abortionist politicians who oppose Christian moral teaching and lack any real human values. Such politicians should always be referred to as "Catholic".

Having Daschle as Secretary of HHS is absurd since he, being an abortionist, cannot provide "human services" when he believes in destroying ALL human beings and also therefore cannot realistically be concerned about human health.

Having Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security is also ridiculous because her job will be to protect human life in this country, something she cannot really do since she believes in taking ALL human life. The abortionists that she so strongly supports are a far greater danger to human life in America than Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

Ellen Moran of Emily's List is to be the new communications chief. Perhaps she can communicate with us: where is Obama's birth certificate?

Actually, since Obama cannot produce his birth certificate, probably because he was born in Kenya, the Supreme Court will declare him ineligible to be President in December and the Electoral College will probably vote for Hillary Clinton.

So we will have a politician promoting destruction of human beings, but it will not be the man from Mombasa.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Can't persuade women from having abortions, can't stop clinics from providing, can't stop doctors from performing, can't stop legislators from passing or not passing laws, can't stop courts from upholding or nullifying legislation, can't get a darn pro-lifer elected to the top office.

New approaches are called for, and insistent conservatives persist in name-calling, gossipry, and tried-and-true losing methods. Who has an answer to the question, "How many abortions have you prevented today?" Very few, sad to say; many anti-abortion Catholics seem content to play the poor-me victim card.


9:02 PM  
Blogger Lee Strong said...

Actually Todd, women do get pursuaded not to have abortions - as the recent 40 days for Life campaign did in hundreds of cases (and I was one of the people out there praying).

Clinics do get shut down due to pressure, embarrassment, legal violations that get found out because they are being observed, and more.

Some doctors have become convinced it is wrong and stop - some becomeing pro-life advocates themselves (like Nathanson). Some quit because of the bad PR.

You can stop legislators from passing permissive laws or get them to pass more positive laws through public opinion and pressure (the ban on partial birth abortions, parental notificatin in many states, etc.).

Pro-lifers (as far as anti-abortion goes) do get elected to high offices. It's just that this pro-abortion one got through in November because of other reasons.

And I believe in the power of prayer. That's why I will be outside Planned Parenthood again to pray.

Victim card? No, playing for a win.

Trying to get people thinking and riled up, and maybe to take action too, or at the least to open their eyes so that they don't get fooled next time.

New methods and tactics? Certainly. But not abandoning the old in doing so. Fighting every way possible for life. The ballot. The newspaper. The internet. I think constantly shifting to "new approaches" alone is a way of giving up.

I warned people what Obama would do, and he certainly seems to be doing it. Maybe a few more people will listen.

9:19 PM  
Blogger freddie said...

I did not know all of this and I am flubbergasted...
thanks for sharing

6:06 AM  
Blogger Lee Strong said...

Freddie - don't feel bad - a lot of American voters were not aware, or chose to overlook it because of all the flash and image.

Thanks for stopping by!

Px et bonum

6:17 AM  

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