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Friday, July 31, 2009

Lila Rose: The case against Planned Parenthood


Blogger Lee Strong said...

From a pro-choicer -

"Question: how many clinics did Rose visit, before she found, what, TWO violations, one committed by an employee who was not authorized to say ANYTHING except things like "this way into the clinic"?

Without this info--two violations out of HOW MANY clinics--her whole project means NOTHING. If you search hard enough you'll find violators in EVERY profession.

I read she had an undergrad organization of volunteers fishing for violations by phone. Also, she drove cross-country and stopped at EVERY clinic in EVERY city she visited.

Sounds like the abortion clinics are doing a pretty good job of following the rules."

First, this is the seventh Planned Parenthood clinic Rose has caught violating the law through her stings. As in all such sting operations, there's no telling how many more simply did not get caught. Her picture is posted, and some clinics may have recognized her as well and were more carelful.

Second, Planned Parenthood has faced other legal/criminal problems separate from her investigations.

Third, beyond violating laws regarding statutory rape, parental notification, etc., Planned Parenthood is guilty of an even greater crime: It kills more than 300,000 babies a year, and it helps to lobby for keeping the killings by PP clinics and other individuals and groups legal.

No matter what good the orgnization might do through providing other forms of legitimate health care, that good is far outweighed by that bloody tally.

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