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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sex selection abortions

Sex selection abortions are being done already even here in the U.S. - you can bet on that - but quietly. This latest news will just help to legitimize them more. is reporting that Swedish health authorities have ruled that it is legal to kill a healthy unborn child based simply on its gender.

You don't want that healthy boy?

Kill him.

Got too many girls?

Kill that perfect unborn one.

What prompted it was a woman who had two of her children killed in utero for being an undesired sex. She already had two daughters, so, perhaps she was bored with pink clothing. Or maybe she didn't want to buy blue blankies - it's not made clear which gender of child she found distasteful.

She found out the genders of the children during an amniocentesis requested to determine whether the child had a disability.

Some doctors then asked Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare for guidance in instances in which they are pressured to examine the baby's without a medical necessity.

Note that: No medical necessity.

We're not talking life or health of the mother. Those smoke screens are not in play here.

The babies are just the wrong genders.

The medical board said such requests must be accommodated.

You see, Swedish law says abortion is legal on any basis whatsoever up to the 18th week of gestation, so doctors cannot deny a mother seeking to have an unborn child killed because it is the wrong gender.

Apparently mothers have already been heading to Sweden from Norway to abort unwanted girls - something they can't openly do in Norway yet.


I'm certain mothers can buy such abortion s here in the U.S. already. I wouldn't be surprised at all to hear that a few Planned Parenthood counselors have already given women advice about the right things to say to get one.

I wonder, however, how long before a proposal like this openly surfaces in the U.S. and passes the Obama sniff test?


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