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Friday, January 30, 2009

GOP pick a pro-life Catholic African-American

The new Republican National Committee Chairman is former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele. According to a number of sources, Steele, an African American, is a devout Catholic who attended seminary before opting for a secular career, is pro-life when it comes to abortion, and is opposed to embryonic stem-cell research.

All to the good.

He seems more moderate on Iraq than some other GOP types, and thinks that marriage rules should be left to the states when it comes to gay marriage. (Constitutionally, that is the correct position, I think, though the tradition of reciprocity clouds the issue.) He did say before being elected, though, that if it was an official proposal of the GOP, as the chairman he would support a federal ban on gay marriage.

I don't know how he stands on the death penalty, extending health care, immigration policies, etc. He is described in some places as a moderate, in others as a conservative.

Still, it's an interesting choice. It may help broaden the GOP base.


Blogger Marie said...

I like Michael Steele he speaks sense on fundamental issues but is not so right wing as to appear a loon.

As for the death penalty I am pro-Life in all things including a hope that the death penalty will be abolished!

Peace to you & God bless:)


11:52 PM  

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