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I am a Catholic layperson and Secular Franciscan with a sense of humor. After years in the back pew watching, I have moved into the choir. It's nice to see faces instead of the backs of heads. But I still maintain God has a sense of humor - and that we are created in God's image.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to a maligned pope

Happy Birthday Pope Benedict!

I had a chance conversation with a self-described “cafeteria Catholic” the other day at work. She was bemoaning the papacy of Pope Benedict. But when I asked her what he had done that upset her, she hemmed and hawed, and gave me generalities, but could not name one thing that he had written, done or said, other than a vague comment about how he opposed women priests.

After a few minutes of this, and my trying to describe what he has done, she said maybe she should read what he has written. (!)

I highly doubt that she will. She seemed very comfortable in her distaste for Pope Benedict based on some general and inaccurate notions about him that go over well at her parish, until she was challenged to defend them. That required knowledge.

Our conversation ended with her running off to do some work, but giving me a parting shot that a particular woman religious we both know would be ordained if only the pope would relent.


Amy Wellborn has a good piece looking at ignorance about Benedict in the mainstream media.


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