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Friday, May 22, 2009

DOR - Not looking good

I thought of commenting on this issue earlier, but Eugene Michael filled the gap.

But now it's gone national - with the Diocese of Rochester looking at best foolish, and at worst, well, morally blind comes to mind.

Judy Brown of the American Life League has picked up on the story of Jewish-Christian program, “The Two Thousand Year Road to the Holocaust.”

The program, which was covered in the Democrat and Chronicle, was designed in part to to raise awareness about the Holocaust that occurred during World War II.

No problem there. The Holocaust was an horrific event. We should never forget that crime.

We must never forget.

Involved in the program are Deacons Thomas Driscoll and Anthony Sciolino, and Doctor Morris Wortman.


The notorious abortionist Wortman.

One of Rochester's leading abortionists and public advocates of abortion Wortman.

The man whose abortuary is the subject of regular rosary vigils by McQuaid Jesuit High School students, and of the annual Good Friday March for Life in Reparation for Abortion.

How in good conscience can two Catholic deacons work on a program about the Holocaust with a man who is part of a modern holocaust - a slaughter that has claimed not six million Jews or 12 million people all told, but some 50 million children?

Brown raised some questions.

"Dr. Wortman’s "Holocaust Road” bio states that he is a child of Holocaust survivors and the coordinator of The Holocaust Study Group.

"Dr. Wortman’s professional background shocked me into wondering how he could possibly be involved on one level with a project designed to remind America of the horror of the German Holocaust, while at the same time participating in the American holocaust, which has, by far, robbed many more innocent people of their lives.

I further wondered how representatives of the Diocese of Rochester, New York, could possibly justify collaborating on a project with a man known to the community, not only as the child of Holocaust survivors, but as a doctor who makes his living killing innocent babies prior to birth."


Brown quotes Michael at this point - noting that both Deacons spoke at the specific event being covered, and citing something Deacon Sciolino reportedly said.

"Here is what Deacon Sciolino had to say about the event:

"Something then went terribly wrong for Christianity during the Holocaust. And what resulted from the obvious disconnect between Christian belief and Christian behavior was the worst catastrophe in human history. Jews ponder the Holocaust and rightly ask: Where was God? Christians must to do the same and, in addition, ask: Where was the Church?"

Where was the Church? It was represented by the many members of the hierarchy, priests, nuns and lay people who hid Jews, who smuggled them to safety, who kept silent about where Jews were hiding, who in some cases ended up in camps themselves, many of them dying.

And "the worst catastrophe"? Certainly one of the worst. But there have been others - including the deaths of 50 million children in the U.S. in the last 36 years.

Brown continued:

"Obviously, there are deep-seated reasons why some do not want to compare the Holocaust of yesterday with the Holocaust of today.“Strange bedfellows” indeed! If I had to ask questions about this Rochester, New York conundrum, it would be Bishop Matthew Clark, shepherd of the Catholics entrusted to his care, to whom I would go for answers. I would ask quite simply

"Your Excellency,

"How can it be that two of your ordained deacons are collaborating with an abortionist on a project dealing with the World War II Holocaust when the parallels between the German Holocaust and the American Holocaust are so vividly evident? What good can be accomplished as long as a perpetrator of the current Holocaust is so publicly identified with your deacons? What sort of a message does this send to the Catholics in your care, not to mention the entire community?

Sincerely awaiting your response,

I am respectfully
Judie Brown,
American Life League Inc."

So there you are. A black eye for the Diocese.

Maybe a fitting way to respond would be for the good deacons, maybe even Bishop Clark, to join us next Good Friday - and perhaps surprise Doctor Wortman.

And the rest of us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's sadly funny. He won't give the participantsfor the National Right to Life March in DC a prayful buon voyage, but he will remain silent as these 2 deacons put another black eye in Catholocism on abortion. In the diocese of Rochester, good is bad and bad is good.

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